Sleep Talking

In the past couple of years, I’ve had a lot of dreams in which I’d wake myself up because I started acting out my dream in the awake world.

In the past couple months, it’s been happening more and more. In the last week, it’s happened every night.

I just did it again, waking myself (& bf) up with,

No more making me close the screen door!

He told me that just before I’d said,

Shut your pie hole!

I remember saying the screen door thing aloud, but not the pie hole thing. The dream was some mangled part of my former life where I’ve moved to a new house with my (now ex) husband and daughter, who seemed about eight (actually, we did move when she was eight). She’s in college now. A bunch of people are talking at once and I’m trying to get their attention and I end up shouting to get their attention.

I also end up waking myself and bf.

My ex had a thing about bugs in the house and you couldn’t have a window open for any extra time at all before he’d complain, regardless of the outdoor bug situation. Since then I’ve remarked often to myself how nice it is to not get in trouble for getting some fresh air.