dear bf

What is my responsibility to my BF, knowning that my mind is dementing…as we speak?

Here is a first try:

  • I will not become a burden. DO. NOT. LET. ME. Don’t keep me home past your breaking point. (Or anywhere near that point.) Find me a place nearby.** Visit when you can. Hope I get opportunity to hear music & make art. (But don’t EVER make that more important than feeding your soul.)
  • I WILL NOT drain you of money and/or resources that should go to your children. No way. My Mother has money. Make sure it goes where it should…as little as possible on me, the rest a resource for Offspring. 
  • My love for you transcends here and now. Love and respect me…but TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEART, even when I can’t. Especially then. Someday I’ll remember I told you this, but I won’t understand why or how. Be patient with that version of me. She can’t make sense of this world. But she loves you completely. Be open to love. Just I hope you wait until I’m a but further gone than I am now. 

That’s all I got tonight. Thank you for the amazing dinner. Happy π Day. My love. 

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